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Uniting In Higher Consciousness Symposium

Free Gifts from Symposium Speakers

Dr Sue Morter

The Top 3 Mistakes That Keep You From Fulfillment & Flow!

Learn the proven system to reverse these 3 hidden mistakes so you can start living an authentic life of Freedom, Fulfillment and Flow!

Natalie Ledwell

Never In Your Wildest Dreams

Get Your FREE Copy Of Natalie Ledwell's International Bestseller, Never In Your Wildest Dreams And Recapture The Inspiration And Self-Love You Need To Live Your Greatest Life. Inside, you'll discover the steps the main character used to achieve all of her goals and how you can too. How to rise above your limiting beliefs and realize your limitless potential. Plus, simple yet profound mind shifts to elevate you to become a magnet to the opportunities that'll transform your life.

Lisa Garr

How To Start Creating Your Deepest Desires In Just 22 Minutes ~ Effortlessly

Download and listen to your free guided visualization, Elevation of Consciousness, and you'll begin to:

Produce new brain chemicals that can shift your mood, enhance your immune system and heal the past
Open into and manifest your deepest desires in your health, relationships, financially and spiritually
Lower your stress levels so you can live a happier more fulfilled life and create more effortlessly

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Love Out Loud Daily

Receive Katherine's Love Out Loud Daily: inspiration, wisdom and guidance on how to grow your relational wealth, health and happiness.

Marci Shimoff

The 4 Biggest Mistakes That Keep You from Living A Miraculous Life

Dive deep into the 4 biggest mistakes that keep you from living a miraculous life
Learn a simple and fun Chinese decluttering technique designed to help you release what's no longer serving you in your life and blocking you from receiving miracles
Discover how to flip the switch on self-doubt and feeling unworthy of miracles

Jennifer McClean

Uncovering The REAL Hidden Illness

How Science & Ancient Practices Can Reveal & HEAL What's REALLY Going on with Your Health

Derek Rydall

Building the Character of Success Bundle

The character of success workbook
The lift process training audio
The Visualization Vibration guided meditation

Sage Lavine

25 Marketable Mission Statements: Stop spinning your wheels… Overlap your passions with what people want so you can make the difference you’re here to make.

In this powerful ebook, you get access to the exact mission statement templates my clients have used to enroll high level clients of $10K and more, fill group programs, workshops and retreats, and rock their digital marketing reaching 10,000’s of clients on Facebook, Instagram and more. 

Ryan Eliason

How To Make A Lucrative Career Out Of Profound Service 

The system used by 6,700 clients to grow businesses that help create a compassionate, just, sustainable, spiritually awake world where everyone wins!

How I generated many millions of dollars doing work that is 100% aligned with my values and my commitment to be of profound service to my clients and the world.

Marisa Murgatroyd

Discover the Business You’re Truly Meant to Build & How to Share It With the World: 7 Things You Must Have to Identify Your Most Profitable & Fulfilling Dream Business. 

A FREE Business Masterclass Featuring Top Branding Expert and Live Your Message Founder Marisa Murgatroyd

Christy Whitman

Watch Your Words

Watch Your Words, a 30 day complimentary 2-3 min. daily video training, which helps you change your language to shift your life. This free program then sends the participant the pdf of all of the Watch Your Words and leads to the Abundance Principles program at a special price of $97.

Carola Eastwood & Chetan Parkyn

The Human Design Free Report

A 21st Century System and the Newest Self-Awareness tool that is sweeping the globe, Human Design reveals your life and being in remarkable detail. It provides your unique “codes for successful living” that illuminate both, your pathway to fulfilling relationships, and your operational guide to success in business.

Our Complimentary Human Design Report includes your personalized chart along with a colorfully illustrated 5-7 page description of your unique Human Design TYPE, the first of the four major keys in the Human Design System.

Your TYPE best describes your unique internal and external sources of energy. There are five Human Design Types and knowing which is yours provides the basis for living in alignment with your Soul’s intention for the unfoldment of your purpose in this lifetime.

Dawa Tarchin Phillips


How to Heal Your "Money Wounds" And Manifest. Wealth And Prosperity The Mindful Way.

Emmanuel Daghar

Super Consciousness – Strengthen the Connection to Your Divine Self 

This free 55-minute healing and meditation audio session titled Super Consciousness – Strengthen the Connection to Your Divine Self is designed to help you access the most expansive and empowered version of yourself, especially with everything that’s going on. 

Not only will this healing session help you navigate these uncertain times, but it will also be something you can turn to anytime— whether times are great or challenging.

Christopher Van Buren

The Inner Entrepreneur Assessment Quiz

This revealing self-assessment will help you identify and get to know your Inner Entrepreneur or CEO — and understand its primary motivation and value structure. It’s fun and quite revealing. But don’t take it too lightly…this quiz is quite sophisticated and reveals a lot about you and your inner world.

Lion Goodman

Clear Your Beliefs: Delete Your Limiting Beliefs, Transform Your Life, and Unleash Your Magnificence

A beautiful 40-page multimedia e-book describing the art and science of the Clear Beliefs Method. It explains your subconscious influences: why you do what you do, and why it’s so difficult to change habitual patterns of thought and behavior.

Nikole Kadel

Awakening the Magic of You!

Learn to receive energetic transmissions from Nature to bring Magic and Joy into your life. Enjoy six teachings including two meditation audios:

1. Activating your breath and heart-field with Nature's Loving Gifts

-There's a silent communication always happening in your body and spirit with the Earth below and cosmos above. This simple, yet powerful, meditation and method guides you to easily raise your resonance, receive the energetic gifts from any location and live a more joyful and connected life.

2. Starlight activation

-This activation will take you deep into your connection with the cosmos and open you up wider to the blessings, frequencies and rays of light from above. You can fill yourself up with starlight at the deepest molecular level anytime—day or night

Brandy Gilmore

The 3 Key Factors to Manifest True Healing

Brandy has created a video series to share with you the hidden insights on how to heal your body that most people are overlooking so you can use this information to help get healing results in your life!

Isaac and Thorald Koren

Dare To Suck: An Interactive Virtual Songwriting Experience!

For many of us, we are experiencing a shift in how human connection plays a role in our work and social lives. Some of us are speaking of zoom fatigue as we learn to express our voice in the digital medium.

This free gift is a fun and engaging 90 minute virtual experience, where you will, perhaps for the first time, write a song.

Your Big Voice has worked with companies, both large and small, to build teamwork, cohesion and much needed connection, through the shared love of music.

No one needs to have any musical training or even consider themselves a ‘singer’, you just need your voice.

In ninety minutes, the brothers weave song and story and their practical approach to leave the group with something tangible, something shared, something emotional and powerful, something they made together, something memorable and lasting, something intrinsically valuable and distinct - something that binds them all forever: a SONG.

The brothers understand how deeply intimidating it can be for some people, especially in front of their colleagues, peers and bosses. That is why they use a gentle and non threatening approach to inviting and requesting participation. The belief is that everyone, whether they speak up or not, is an equal participant.

Elijah Ray

A free SoundLight music Download

One of Elijah's channeled music transmissions

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

Reset: A FREE Global Challenge

5 Day Masterclass to experience mental clarity and emotional peace.

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2 Tickets to Rikka’s Live 3-Day Event in Sedona, AZ on August 20-22, 2021. Rewriting Your 6 Essential Energetic Patterns. This event will also be available by livestream.  ($997 value)

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