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Uniting In Higher Consciousness Symposium


Friday June 24, 2022

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Rikka Zimmerman's Daily Quantum Prayer Field

Money, Abundance, Business, Career & Purpose

This transmission will incorporate your submitted intentions for the symposium so that we can bring your higher consciousness dream life into reality.

Dr Sue Morter

Energy Medicine and Quantum Self-Healing: Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit

Dr. Sue will show you how to bridge science and spirituality for a life experience of wholeness. These teachings and practices for integration, enlightenment and embodiment will help you stay practical with life while accessing the cosmic self.

Christy Whitman

Channel the Council Quantum Energy Mastery: Three-step process for aligning your energy and releasing what you don’t want

Christy Whitman will show you how to activate your Divine Design so you can thrive and feel good, claim your power back so you know that you can be masterful over anything in your life and vibrationally align with how you want to feel so you can manifest it.

Natalie Ledwell

Loving The Inner Child Process; The key to joy, happiness, and freedom

During this powerful process, you will heal past wounds, quickly shift from victimhood to empowerment and connect with infinite self-love. As humanity shifts out of the old paradigm and into the New Earth energies, it's vitally important that we spend time loving, nurturing, and communicating with our inner child to release the pain and embrace the new way of living life from a healed and empowered place. 

Debra Poneman

Sitting for Guidance Meditation 

During this session, Debra will guide you to gain access to the messages from your spirit guides/angelic helpers. You’ll come to understand how acting on these messages are the most reliable way to create success and learn how to access these messages the moment you need guidance.

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